I am doing the cheaper version of bar prep, yet my calendar still shows days for diagnostic exams which are locked. Despite not having access, I also just received an email from Quimbee about how amazing they are. Please make your different packages for the different programs. I should not have what are in reality four days without content because I won't pay an extra $1000. The material could easily be shifted a bit to account for that difference, which is what I plan to do manually. On that same note, grading deadlines are also on my calendar, another feature I choose not to purchase. It feels like Quimbee is still trying to sell me additional features, and I would very much appreciate it if it would stop. After law school, bar prep, and all the needless hoops we must jump through in order to be allowed to work in this profession, I am just very sensitive to being viewed as a commodity.
While my Quimbee rep was very transparent with what would and not be included, the current combined structure may reasonably mislead some people.
Other than that, I do like simpler bar prep program. It's bare bones and to the point- exactly what I wanted as it allows for more intense self-study and incorporation of our own learning strategies.