This would be more efficient than the current way where you have to click and enable CC on an individual video by video basis. It would benefit the learning experience for many different people, those who truly need CC, those who prefer to use it or learn effectively by words rather than visually, and those who want to try CC out to see how it helps their learning. It also would not get in the way of those videos that have not been updated with CC yet, because it could just be for all video content that currently offers (and will offer in the future) the CC option. Lastly, this feature would allow for an aesthetic or enjoyment benefit because it will more likely allow students to watch videos in full and gain all the advantages that come with watching a video lesson from beginning to end. Having to pause and play is a little annoying, but it also invites room for someone to get distracted with the lesson altogether and possibly could lead to one quitting the lesson altogether.