Detailing the regulatory and jurisdictional overlap between federal regulation and state regulation. Serious constitutional questions and economic development themes abound in the field of energy regulatory law. It's very complicated and ripe for a Quimbee course. The field of energy law is in the midst of a shift from the "old school" model of traditional regulated monopolies --> to a "new school" reality of distributed energy resources. Good place to start would be with tracing the expansion of FERC authority into the current mess/mix of shared jurisdictional authority between Federal and State level regulators. Timeline ( [1992] Energy Policy Act of 1992. [1996:] Order No. 888. [1999] Order No. 2000. [2005] Order No. 668; Energy Policy Act of 2005. [2006] Order No. 681; Order No. 679. [2007] Order No. 809. [2008] Order No. 719. [2009] Order No. 719-A; Order No. 719-B. [2018] Order No. 841; Order No. 841-A [2020] Nat'l Assoc. of Regulatory Util. Comm'rs v. FERC (DC Cir. 2020); Order No. 2222. [2021] ongoing litigation alleging unconstitutional overreaches of Federal regulatory power w/r/t Order No. 2222 & 841.