Accreditation statuses are currently associated with a jurisdiction and multiple accreditation periods under that jurisdiction. It would be best if each accreditation period was associated with a status.
When an accreditation period ends, there are three scenarios: 1) course is too old to reapply 2) we're going to reapply or 3) course is not too old, but we don't want to reapply.
BUT at this time, I don't believe there is a way in admin to have a course that is currently approved as also pending for the next accreditation period. If an accreditation period expires, we have to show it as expired/unavailable until a new approval is received or we update the status to "not eligible" or "not offered" AFTER it actually expires.
Ideally, a course would never become “expired,” but automatically switch to pending, approved, not eligible, or not offered when the current accreditation period ends. The appropriate status would be determined by the accred team prior to the end of an approval period. For example, since all courses produced in 2021 are not eligible for Ohio credit (due to age) at the start of 2024, we could batch import the status “not eligible” for all of them prior to 12/31/2023 (unless that is something that could be automated based on the production date).