User story:
As a Quimbee CLE user, I would love an easy way to track credits and visualize my progress toward completing my requirements in my registered jurisdictions.
Keeping track of earned CLE credits can be an administrative hassle (especially for users trying to satisfy credits in more than one jurisdiction, because different jurisdictions count hours differently). It would be incredibly helpful if our CLE page included a tracker that shows users how many credits they've earned for each of their registered jurisdictions - maybe something that could update each time a user completes a course and obtains a new CLE certificate. We could also help users chart their progress toward a particular jurisdiction's credit requirements - seeing a line get closer to the target can be really motivational!
This tracker will also help users understand state specific CLE requirements. Quimbee would send email reminders when deadlines are approaching, inform users how much they have left to do, what type of credit they need, and recommend Quimbee CLE courses.
It may also serve as a lead gen opportunity.