As a bar review user, I want the bar review essays on the course materials page organized by subject and topic so that I can better focus my studies on the subjects and topics I want.
In the UBE course, Multistate Essay Exams are displayed chronologically by administration (e.g., July 2020). A PDF can be downloaded containing the full set of essays for that administration. This option is great if a user has the gumption to practice a full set (6 essays). But the packets could be divided into individual essay questions and organized by subject and topic tested (e.g., Constitutional Law > First Amendment).
Organizing the essays topically could also allow for linking the performance statistics page with actionable tasks allowing users to remediate areas of weakness. As a user, I want to know where I am weak and be offered pathways to shore up my understanding, especially in the final weeks before the exam. Reviewing an essay in an area of weakness could be one option offered.
Created by Aaron Dewald
November 22, 2022